Principal's Safety Assurance Letter

Principal's Safety Assurance Letter

Twin Oaks Elementary School
Silvia Ventura-Jacobsen, Principal

The 2017-2018 Comprehensive School Safety Plan was written by school administration and approved by the Twin Oaks Elementary School Site Council. It was developed and designed to be a working document and to ensure policies and procedures are in place and followed appropriately. Local law enforcement and city officials are regularly consulted to assist the administration in designing safety, disaster, and behavior plans.

Three essential components were addressed when writing the plan.

  1. Ensuring a Safe Physical Environment
  2. Characteristics of Students and Staff
  3. School Culture

Listed below are strategies to ensure that components in place are met.

Ensuring a Safe Physical Environment

  • Disaster plan, procedures, and drills are designed and rehearsed to ensure the safety of all students in the event of a disaster or armed intruder.

  • Emergency containers in each classroom contain supplies in case of an emergency.

  • An Emergency Response Crisis Management system has been instituted. Adults on campus have been assigned to teams in the event of an emergency.

  • California Education Code and SMUSD Board Policies regarding behavior, suspension and expulsion are communicated to students, parents, and staff via parent handbooks, behavior assemblies, and staff meetings.

  • Mandated reporting policies on child abuse, dangerous students, and sexual harassment are presented verbally and in written form to all members of the staff prior to the school year.

  • School discipline plans are communicated to students during the opening week of school with assemblies that provide students with an understanding of the school rules as well as rewards and consequences.

  • Visitor policies are communicated and visitors are required to sign in out of the office using our Complete Campus Security System to protect the safety of all students. Student checkout procedures are enforced for anyone picking up a child from school prior to dismissal.

  • The observation policy is provided to all parents who wish to observe in their child's classroom.

  • Twin Oaks is a closed campus. The campus is close to unauthorized adults before, during, and after school.

Characteristics of Students and Staff

  • Assistance is provided to those students determined by the Student Success Team to be at-risk and/or in need of social-emotional support. Assistance is provided by the school counselor or school psychologist.

  • Student awards foster positive character traits, manners, and citizenship.

  • Bi-weekly Spirit Rally assemblies are held on Friday mornings to recognize students for their achievements in academic progress, physical fitness, and citizenship.

Characteristics of Students and Staff Continued

  • Twin Oaks participates in Positive Behavior Intervention Support. Students are positively reinforced with Coyote Character Counts tickets for following school-wide expectations.

  • Students participate in MindUp lessons focusing on mindful awareness, compassion, and empathy.

  • 3rd-5th grade students participate in Thrively, an online program that creates a personalized learning experience based on each student's strengths and interests.

  • Our counselor presents bullying prevention strategies to students in classrooms up to three times a year. Students are educated in the forms of bullying behaviors and how to stand up to bullying. We encourage students to be The One who helps others.

  • A counselor is available to work with individual students or groups with students with similar needs.

  • Our counselor works on developing socials skills through our Coyote Crew playgroup and Second Step curriculum.

School Culture

  • A character education program, The 7 Habits of Happy Kids, helps students be in control of their actions. Students are selected monthly for their adherence to these traits.

  • Jump Rope for Heart activities stress heart-healthy eating and exercise habits.

  • Student Council fosters student involvement in the community, school service, and shared decision-making.

  • The school's leadership team meets regularly to ensure students' safety and address their emotional, and academic needs.

  • Coyotes CARE is a student-led group that organizes projects to help the school and community.

  • Students are encouraged to participate in Acts of Service, many of which are student-created.

  • Ability Awareness Week is scheduled during the year to provide information to all students about disabilities such as autism, speech or visual impairments, physical disabilities, etc. Our goal is to focus on the abilities people posses rather than their disabilities.

  • Special education students are mainstreamed in general education to the greatest extent possible. A reverse mainstream program is in place in our pre-K special education programs.

  • A Peer Mentoring program pairs general education students with our special education students.

The above policies are in place at Twin Oaks Elementary in order to create an environment where children feel safe and secure and have the ability to learn every day.

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